Treasure Hunts


Each year the club runs the “Old Fox”, “Warner Celnik Memorial” and “New Last Chance” Treasure Hunts.

These events are run on Sunday afternoons, always include a tea stop and usually finish at a country pub.

Although they are fun events for the whole family, they also form useful training exercises for Rally School graduates who want to gain  more practice in map reading under pressure and working as a team.

To add interest to these events, Treasure Hunt organisers try to find unusual topics to be the subject of questions competitors will be required to answer.

The event organisers also do their best to ensure that competitors drive through undulating, narrow and twisty country lanes (and splash through the occasional ford) in order to find the answers to the questions.


An afternoon navigational and clue finding run on Sunday, 7th June.

1.30pm for 2.00pm start at The Kings Oak, High Beach on MR 411981 (Please park in car park to the left of the pub.

Map 177 is required for the event.

Suitable for both Beginners and those with Experience.

For further information see the Wayfarer or contact:
Des Meldrum or Donald Berry (e-mail links)

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