GBMC - Sprint 2006

Date: Sunday, 16th APRIL

Venue: North Weald

Event: North Weald Sprint

NEWS UPDATE: 11th February

I am pleased to say that Sprinting is back on at North Weald.

On Thursday 9th February John Symes of the MSA and representatives of the organising clubs met with Epping Forrest DC and were successful in securing the continued use of North Weald for Sprinting. There will however be a few changes to the course, entrance and paddock arrangements etc., but it does mean an end to the section with the most bumps (which must be good news). More details from those clubs organising events in due course.

The championship calendar is also unchanged, at least for the first few events.

Registrations for 2006 are steadily coming in and I hope to have championship stickers and registration cards to those registered before the first event on 19th March.

Finally the Borough 19 MC test day on 5th March will still be held at Oakington.

Chris Deal
AEMC Sprint Championship Coordinator
07940-819789(M) 020-7150-8721(W) 020-8803-0675(H)
AEMC web site
Championship Sponsors
Hangar 111
MO Motorsport

The following documents are available for download


ENTRY LIST (11th April)



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